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Professional Financial Relationship Based Solely On Your Terms

Torn between choosing an Online Broker and Wealth Manager? At ucointrades.com, you get the benefits from both experts instead of one. Whether to prefer to strategize and invest on your own, with an adviser or a little of both – ucointrades.com can support yo either way.


Vast selection of financial products to help build and expand your diversified portfolio.


Traders equipped with powerful innovative trading systems are on multiple shifts 24/7 to ensure that trading opportunities and trends are detected way ahead of time.

Wealth Management

Financial experts are within reach to assist you in making your financial dreams a reality.


Investment strategies adaptable to any type of local and global situation.

Smart portfolio

Portfolio that is SMART in all aspects

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Time Bound

    Intertwined worldwide networks that allows fast dissemination of news across the globe - making most of the news before it becomes public.

    Fully Licensed and Regulated

    Trade with a fully licensed and Regulated brokerage company.


    We are fully registered under the corporate laws of the United Kingdom. Our official registration number is #02714310.

    Basic Knowledge

    Basic Course

    Arm yourself with knowledge on the basics of trading transactions, what the market is all about and why you should partake on its trends.

    Trading Tools

    Here in ucointrades.com trading consistently comes first. This helps in decreasing the risks of loss in trading and increasing more profits.

    Technical Analysis

    We master the techniques in analyzing current and upcoming trends to maximize profits with very minimal loss.

    Fundamental Analysis

    We take into consideration the available market data and determine the critical market value at a given point in time.

    Risk Management

    Whatever the situation or the case may be, be it wars or pandemics, our Risk Management Team plans and lays out every scenario to ensure that all transactions are conducted “Business as Usual”. With every contingency in place, you can be sure that profits are generated with streamlined systems and with as little disruption as possible.

    Financial Advisory

    We practice what we preach. Every monetary advise given streamed from extensive research and continuous study on current and upcoming trends. This way – you are financially on the right track every single time.

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    Lisa Kropp

    "It's very difficult to find a legitimate and trustworthy managed account broker but ucointrades has proven their worth. They paid and they have kept on paying me."

    Joseph Walters

    "I've received my earnings multiple times from ucointrades and I can't help but appreciate the good work they've been doing so far. They're highly recommended by me."

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