Trading Responsibly is Our Expertise

Utmost dedication in serving our clients responsibly with the latest innovations in forex tools and trading resources to expertly handle trading transactions that can easily put your mind at ease. Register an account to experience vast privilege of promotions, special bonuses and special offers which are only available to our prime clients.

Our Mission

Establish ucointrades.com as a global brand by ensuring continuous profitability, success and happiness of our customers who are considered our strongest foundation of our success.

Our Goal

With our persevering quest to grow internationally and establish ourselves as a world-renowned brand, our main goal will always be the welfare of our clients and that they prosper amidst any circumstances, wherever they are in the world.

ucointrades.com boasts of diverse product portfolio including investment banking and international trading on various platforms that caters to high net-worth individuals and retail segment in various regions and segments. Being an established industry leader is not merely to be ahead of everybody else in terms of latest technologies and having a formidable team of experts on hand, but also by being aware of customer’s ultimate needs and wants then achieve them by all means necessary.

Keeping our esteemed customers safe by adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance, exercising accurate accountability and sheer transparency across all our business operations.

With all things being said, it is the action of ucointrades.com that truly speak the loudest in terms of being a truly diverse, inclusive and international company you can count on – always.

  • Utmost privacy and superior execution of quality
  • Your funds are reliably protected thanks to the use of Blockchain technologies in compliance with all existing security measures
  • We don't disclose or sell any information about our clients and their transactions to any third parties
  • Multiple platform tradings and ECN accounts
  • As a financial institution , we operate strictly within the policies of international financial law